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Some fanfic rambles - Kristen
Some fanfic rambles

Just one or two.  I always have the most difficulty starting a chapter, and quite firmly believe that if I can't get those first fifty words to sound perfect the rest of it will be complete crap.

We've met Ashitare, Yui remembers him and has freaked a little because she remembers him (damn, I'm gonna have to explain the miko-seishi bond thing so that makes sense!) and I...haven't really gone into detail on how Miaka and Taka are feeling; we last left them with their comfort food.  Oh, and Present Yui is feeling incredibly neglected, because I left her in Tokyo traffic headed to a Mexican restaurant.  Oh, and somehow I need to get them all to Houki so she can introduce them to the next two seishi I have lined up.

Did I mention that if I'm keeping track of the days right I should be within the first week by chapter 9?  And I'll only have five of the fourteen seishi needed?  I mean, I had planned a little leeway (basically at the end of the timeline the Big Bad's gonna show up and start screwing with things, but the readers should have figured that out already ;P) but that's only a couple days!

Right now I have three ideas in mind for the beginning of chapter 9, utilizing (you guessed it!) each of the timelines - Book Yui, Present Yui, and Past Miaka.  I have to choose one though; fortunately I know the way my muse is working (when he's not doing double-time for the RP I'm in) two of them will turn out to be crap and the third one will fit beautifully.  I know this is how it will work out because that's what happened for the last two chapters.  One crisis averted!

The other thing I'm worried about (possibly worried about more) is characterization.

Now I've been told I have very good characterization.  I've always prided myself on making my characters seem real (my vice is definitely my pride, though XD).  But then...well...I read once that a writer does not make up the story, the story comes to the writer and it is their job to simply dictate it.  At this point that's what I feel like; I've started this story and now I have to follow the characters and the plot wherever it goes.  Believe me, repetition of this is the only thing that keeps me from curling into a blubbering mass of Kristen and destroying my story.  But y'know, I'd like at least one character to stick with the characterization I give them!  Yuri's done that so far - I wanted her to be bubbly and outgoing.  Yui's doing okay at that (although where that sarcastic streak came from I have no clue), Chichiri's trying but yet again sarcasm has striken another character...Tasuki, Kouji, and Temujin are all too new to really tell.  But Chosei!!  I intended him to be this soft-spoken, kinda shy kid, and he's all out-going and friendly and playful and this natural leader-type A person!  So I just shake my head because this DOES NOT COMPUTE and keep writing, because really, there's not a lot I can do at this point...

A lot of the character sketches in my head I like, a LOT; I lovelovelove my Soi, and I think my Miboshi, when introduced, will be an absolute blast to write.  I'm just afraid I'm inserting a little too much of my own dry humor into the characters, and don't know how to avoid that.  Normally when I write a character..hmm, how to explain.  I "become" that character.  My mindset changes to how they would feel and react and think, and I completely immerse myself in that particular scene with that character so I can write how they feel accurately.  Of late I'm afraid I've been losing that.  Am I the only writer that does this?  I mean, get into my characters to this extent?

So that's that for now.  Later!!!
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