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H i n d s i g h t characters - Kristen
H i n d s i g h t characters
This is a character post for the RP I run, mainly because I'd rather not take up huge, scary amounts of space on the forum it's in.

Suzaku's side

Suzaku no miko:Mitsu Kiske (played by The Priestess of Suzaku)
Name: Mitsu Kiske - goes by Mitsu 

Age: 21 

Gender: Female 

Job/Place in Society: Elementary Teacher 

Height: 5'8 

Weight: 140 

Hair color: Brown 

Eye color: Green 

Body type/appearance: Mitsu is skinny and has an athletic appearance to her. She wears a Skirt and top of various colors and styles to work and a plain colored dress when out shopping or various other activities When She practices her fighting and swordsmanship she wears a red and white kimono 

Family situation: Lives with her sister 

Background: Born to a lovely mother and kind father. Her mother and father were martial Arts teachers. A few years later her mom gave birth to a girl. Mitsu and her sister Hikari got along well. When Mitsu was 18 her mother died and the two moved off on their own. They distanced them selves from their father and held him responsible for their mother’s death. 

Personality: A kind and warm hearted person who is everyone's best friend. She is easy to get along with but if you tick her off you will feel the wrath of her katana (named Sakura, after her mother). 

Additional stuff: She is a skilled fighter and will not hesitate to use her blade. The only thing she is afraid of is to die alone. 

She can tend to be a bit of a neat freak and will on occasion clean an entire place in less than an hour’s time, but only if the mood strikes. This is rare. 





Chichiri:  Nicolai Sergeyevich Lebedev (played by HoujunRi)
Name: Nicolai Sergeyevich Lebedev; Kolya for short. To his friends, his middle name is shortened to "Sergeyvich".
Age: 20, but he looks about 17
Gender: Male
Job/Place in Society: Scholar
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown, but they have a slightly reddish tint in full sunlight.
Body type/appearance: Nicolai is a bit on the gangly side, with wirey muscles that don't really seem apparent unless someone tries to pick a fight with him. He's still got a bit of that teenage gawkiness. His facial features hint at a swarthy handsomeness that probably won't fully assert itself until he's in his late twenties to early thirties. He has a permanent case of five o'clock shadow that just won't go away, even if he shaves. His hair is always a hopeless mess, and is cut to ear-length in front and nearly shoulder-length in the back. When he's working on something he attempts to tie it back, but this nearly always fails spectacularly.

As far as clothes go, Nicolai prefers to wear the slacks from the three-piece suits his mother insists on buying him and can usually be found wearing a white shirt that he just can't be bothered to tuck in. Nicolai almost always walks around barefoot, but if he has to wear shoes his favorites are sandals that he makes and decorates himself. On the rare occasion that he is forced into the fancy spats his mother buys him, he rebels by not wearing any socks.
Family situation: His father Sergey and mother Natalya had three children -- Ivan (the eldest), Nicolai (the middle child), and Aleksandra (the youngest and only girl). All of them are alive and well in Nicolai's hometown.
Background: Nicolai had a fairly normal childhood -- rough-housing with his older brother, protecting his younger sister, and doing chores for his mother and father. While they fought constantly there is no love lost between Ivan and Nicolai, and they still get into playfights whenever they see each other, much to Aleksandra's dismay. As far as Aleksandra goes, even though she's the right age to be married Nicolai feels like any suitor should have to go through a screening by him, and most of Aleksandra's admirers have given up after an exhausting round of questioning.

Currently Nicolai is going to school in the capital of Konan (the best University -- in his father's opinion -- is located there) and studying diplomacy and accounting. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps, but Nicolai would much rather be spending his life learning how to paint the exact way sunlight is fractured by the dew on a rose petal. To Sergey's dismay, Nicolai's grades are constantly falling, and he spends more time "slacking off" than anything else.
Personality: He tends to day dream and stare off into space in the middle of conversations a lot, but don't be fooled! He's constantly observing and doesn't miss much, even if he seems to be on another planet. Nicolai is calm in nearly any crisis, but his temper tends to burn down quickly if his family is threatened.Dreamy, stares off into space, calm in crisis, angered when family threatened. The worst point of Nicolai's personality is his duality -- if posed a moral or, indeed, direct question he will often take several minutes to answer simply because he is literally in two minds about the problem.
Additional stuff: Nicolai shares the birthday of Houjun Ri, the legendary Chichiri Sichiseishi. This means that the poor boy was born right on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus, and displays character traits of both signs. If he ever does anything that doesn't make a lot of sense, look up those two and you'll see that it's due to their mixing.  Nicolai also is terrified of lightning and thunder.


Mitsukake:  Temujin "Temu" Hyouang (played by myself ((digitalrhapsody)), and yes I realize how dorky the name is)
Age:  15 (although he's been believed to be up to 18 or 19 owing to his height)

Gender:  Male

Job/Place in Society:  Soldier, but he'd much rather work as a doctor

Height:  6'0" even and still growing

Hair color:  Black

Eye color:  Green-blue

Body type/appearances:  Temujin is unfortunately right in the middle of adolescent puberty; tall and gawky, uncomfortable in his own skin.  He doesn't have bad acne, but every once in a while he'll break out in rather embarrassing spots around his nose and forehead.  His hair is long and shaggy, falling over his eyes, but he does try to keep it trimmed so that he at least doesn't look like an overgrown puppy.  He dresses in the niceties of high-ranking society, but much prefers his riding clothes or what he wears under his armor, and wears the loose-fitting pants and shirt as much as he can.  He's in good shape because of military training, and although not obvious under his usual garments, he is rather muscular.

Family situation:  Only child of a high-ranking soldier and his wife; his father and mother bicker constantly.

Background:  Temujin is the only child and only son of Hyouang Cheng and Hyouang Jiao.  Cheng was a high-ranking soldier, among the elite of Konan, and demanded his son follow in his footsteps, even going so far as to name Temu after one of the greatest soldiers in the land, an outsider known as Ch'ingis Khan.  Unfortunately for him, Temujin didn't share his ambitions: from a young age, he had been interested in helping people more than anything else, especially as he grew older and saw how opium was hurting his friends and loved ones.  Still, Cheng was a taskmaster and afraid of losing his family line, so he forced Temujin to study swordsmanship and the arts of war.  Now, at 15, Temujin is just old enough to be drafted, and with the bloody war it's a surprise he hadn't been drafted already, but still refuses to fight and get himself killed when he could help people more by staying alive.  His mother shares his viewpoint (although if she had her way her little Temu would stay at home and never leave), leading to fights and confrontations with his father that of late have gotten worse and worse.

Personality:  Temujin is soft-spoken and gentle, but when provoked (and it honestly doesn't take a lot to provoke him) he can become vicious.  He cares about his friends more than anything in any world and would probably rather chew on glass than watch anyone suffer.  He discovered his power at a young age, and flaunts it; he thinks of it as proof that he was never meant to be a soldier, which his father despises.  Stubborn and hard-headed, Temujin isn't afraid to be bluntly honest if he needs to be, and isn't afraid of coming to blows with somebody being particularly thick.  But he'd much rather just joke and laugh; Temujin loves to be playful and silly.  He's also rather naive (oddly enough), and pretty gullible, which makes for an interesting contrast.  All in all, Temu's a nice guy - just don't piss him off, or you'll find just how mean he can be.

Additional info:  Temujin really doesn't like dogs.  And he's deathly afraid of loud noises, which is another reason he's probably not soldier material.  He taught himself to play the zither at a young age, and the piano, a gift the Hin gave his father years back when it seemed like there would be a truce.  He whistles very well, and has a pet cat named Nyao.


Seiryuu's side

Seiryuu no miko:








Additional Characters

Kitsumi "Kit" Summers (the one reading the book in the Real World) - played by myself ((digitalrhapsody))
Name: Kitsumi Summers - she goes by Kit 
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Job/Place in Society: Student
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark blue 
Body type/appearance: Kit could never be called a stereotypical beauty - she's not incredibly thin and skinny, but broad-shouldered and muscular instead, very well toned.  She tends to wear contacts (when she isn't too lazy to put them in) and pull her shoulder-length frizzy curls into a ponytail most of the time.  Currently she is studying at University to become a teacher, and managed to pull off working in the classroom across from Mrs. Mitsu's.  When not wearing a skirt and blouse for work, Kit practically lives in jeans and comfy sweaters (s
Family situation:  Lives alone, but has a father, mother, and sister
Background: Kit didn't have a hugely spectacular life growing up - she and her sister lived in a suburb of New America with her mother and father.  Her father was a Professor at the University she now attends and her mother was a history teacher at a local school, so teaching is in her blood.  When her older sister (whom she idolizes) decided to become a teacher, there was no question that that was the direction she would head to.
Personality: Kit is strict and unyielding when it comes to her classroom, but she loves to have fun more than anything else.  Life's too short to be worried about bills and savings and retirement, after all.  So she's poor, but by choice.  She hardly if ever gets angry, it's just not in her nature.  She also has a wicked tongue and wit that she loves using whenever she can.
Additional stuff: Kit is an accomplished alto in local choirs, and sings with a jazz group whenever she has the time.  She also is a grammar Nazi and loves the color orange.
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