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Stargazing - Kristen
Let's go stargazing, you and I;
Let's name the sky, secr]]et words and inside jokes
The two of us can share.
We can pretend we're one of them -
I'll paint the night with shades of you
And hang it up for all to see...
Wouldn't that be beautiful?
I'd use a red canvas, red for your passion
And the stars would be colored with joy;
The sky would have to be navy, I think,
So the world would know of your loyalty and strength.
Yes, I think we should go stargazing
And look inside ourselves.


[[ I think the 5th through 7th stanzas are the strongest. I really dislike the 10th and 11th stanzas personally, because they're just...well, icky, I guess. I've been told the second stanza is the nicest sounding though, oddly enough. I love the phrasing I used in the 5th stanza though. ]]

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