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30 October
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So, the name's Kristen. I'm a seventeen year old almost-college student heading off to Flagstaff to study music and medicine. I've been a writer since before I even could write, and a storyteller since before that. Writing is in my blood and always will be. So's music for that matter; being a musician has completely altered my life and where I want to go in my future. The current plan is to be a doctor; now I'm leaning towards being a musician.

Anyways, I write. I dream of someday being published but am content with my fanfictions (which often are quite epic, and often are half-finished). I love to be active and outgoing, and like to think I'm naturally pretty easy to talk to. Feel free to e-mail or IM me (on Yahoo though, I'm not on AIM a lot anymore).

Oh, yes, as you can probably tell from the groups I'm in, I RP. I RP a lot, in fact; it's a pasttime. If you'd like to hit me up for an RP, feel free! A couple quick notes, though:

A-flat: I'm not interested in sex/cyber RPs. Not only am I still underaged, so there's the little legal part, but I just don't want to RP that.

High C: Yes, I do fandom RPs; no, I don't know most fandoms. Ever since anime became full of scary people, I've stayed away from a lot of fandoms, so if I don't know your fandom, I'm sorry but I won't RP it (Wikipedia